Family Companion, Sport & Agility Dogs For Sale

Ruidoso Malinois does have Belgian Malinois family companion and sport dogs for sale. These are superior, well socialized dogs each of which, for some reason, did not quite meet the strict requirements as a Detection Working Dog. They are released at different ages and are fully crate and obedience trained prior to going to their new home.

We are very careful to match you with the best possible dog for your family, environment and canine expectations. You will receive a wonderful addition to your family bringing joy, curiosity and the interaction so unique to the Belgian Malinois breed. Although not protection trained these dogs all have strong protective instincts as they are out of strong Protection dams and sires.

To view our dogs in public and performing obedience visit the Videos page.

Please call for available dogs as these change. Listed below are some of these dogs.