K-9 Memorial

Forever in our hearts

Rasta you inspired the creation of Ruidoso Malinois and the specialization in the Belgian Malinois breed. You were my once in a life-time dog, loyal, intelligent, committed in your work with a big personality. You were always by my side and still showing an intimidating presence in the 16th of your 17 years. You were my protector, first stud and first Belgian Malinois. Thank you for all you gave. There is not a day I do not think of you. Rasta's granddaughter, Essay, continues his blood line here.

Tina De La Fontaine De Poseidon (France)

Our treasured Tina, joy of Ruidoso Malinois. So vital, driven and energetic, worn down teeth as proof. You shared with us the best years of your curious and engaging life, produced extra-ordinary pups, many who now work on the street as K-9. Born to work and be a Mom, you did both with equal focus, dedication and excellence. We miss you always, it's so quiet without you here.

Rudy Affectionately referred to as "Man-Eating Rudy"
(Jerry V. Valesca's Home) KNPV PH1 438/440 met lof

Rudy you were all about your work, very suspicious and untrusting of everyone upon arrival at Ruidoso Malinois. It took significant time to earn your trust and once earned it was an understood privilege, never a right. I was so fortunate to have you share your life with me. Your pups are doing you proud in all different disciplines, SAR, K-9, protection and security work. Shogun, your pup, here at Ruidoso Malinois, has some big shoes to fill and will continue your extra-ordinary heritage as a stud dog.


It is with great sorrow that we said farewell to Banga as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. She gave us much joy and many pups that have grown up to be stunning in drive, looks and accomplishment. She shared a touching and unique relationship with our decoy Justin and they would spend many evenings together in his apartment. She is dearly missed by all.